Elegies in D minor. For Matthew (Lament & Prayer)

EDWARD LEIN: Elegies in D Minor

EDWARD LEIN (words & music):
Elegies in D Minor. 1. For Matthew (Lament & Prayer)

In Memory of Matthew Shepard (1976-1998)

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ELEGIES D MINOR. 1. For Matthew (Lament & Prayer)
The Orange Park Chorale, Dr. Carole Clifford, Artistic Director

Copyright 2006-2018, E. Lein

For Matthew (Lament & Prayer)

Wyoming stars in silent horror cried
as Satan's fists struck hard again,
then crucified God's gentle child.

And there the weeping night in disbelief beheld
a broken boy's despair: chilled bones, alone,
barefoot and bleeding, swaddled in an icy shroud 
distilled and crystallized from autumn's tears.
O hear the first bird's cry
and feel the breaking of his heart
to realize his mother's grief.


Why own this fear? Our silence multiplies,
condemning us complicit in his pain,
complacency our guilty wile.

Now pray his suffering might our apathy dispel;
let hopeful deeds amend and help atone.
No hateful shouts of rage--but let us call aloud
for justice, truth, and love, from sorrow's haze.

O hear the first bird's cry
and heed the waking in our hearts
lest death be vain. Rest, Matthew. Peace.

©1998, Ed Lein

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