Elegies in D Minor. Pie Jesu

Merciful Lord Jesus,
Grant them peaceful repose.

Merciful Lord Jesus,
Grant them peaceful repose throughout eternity.

EDWARD LEIN: Elegies in D Minor. 3. Pie Jesu
In Memory of My Mother, Marzell Martin Lein (1922-1980)

SOLO VERSIONS: with Flute or Oboe obbligato [PART] | with Violin obbligato [PART]

ELEGIES D MINOR. 3. Pie Jesu: for Soprano, Mixed Voices, Obbligato Instrument & Piano.
The recording features the original version (from Missa pro defunctis, 1991), for Soprano & Mixed Voices, with Oboe, Harp & Organ:
Anita Gittings (Jones), soprano; Riverside Presbyterian Chancel Choir; Eric Olson, oboe; Kayo Ishimaru, harp; Andrew Clarke, organ.

Copyright 1990-2018, E. Lein

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